MFL uses a mass variety of different trucks and equipment to deliver the best possible service to their customers. We work more with "Mack Trucks" as they are one the best and most reliable source in North American transportation. Below are some types of equipment we use, to deliver the best possible service.

Highway Series

The Vision by is the ultimate highway vehicle. It gives drivers aerodynamic styling; power; a smooth, quiet ride; and a spacious, ergonomically designed interior. At the same time, it offers fleet managers light weight; serviceability; and the latest in electronic vehicle management and communications technologies - all the things that keep trucks "up," and operating costs down.

The CH and CL models are conventional trucks, which are most often purchased for over-the-road and heavy hauling applications. The CH model is the model of choice for dependable regional hauling applications, including fleets, owner-operators, logging, dump trailers, refuse transfer, and demanding stop-and-go hauls. The long-nosed CL model is available in a full range of configurations for both highways and on/off highway needs.

Construction Series

 The new Granite™ series is less like a truck and more like an incredible feat of engineering. This exceptionally lightweight vocational vehicle delivers the payload and productivity you need to stay profitable in a highly competitive business. Using advanced lightweight composite materials, aluminum parts and ductile iron, It saved hundreds of pounds.

The RB and RD models are classic models that are used in a number of applications, ranging from construction and logging to refuse collection.

The DM and DMM/DMMEX models are specially designed to withstand the most demanding on- or off-highway severe-service applications. These models, with off-set cabs that provide added visibility in tight maneuvers, are typically used as mixers, dumpers, and roll-offs.

The LE model and the MR model are typically spec'd for waste/refuse applications. The MR is the best-selling refuse truck in the industry, but it is also spec'd as a concrete pumper for the construction industry. The LE is a low-entry tilt cab refuse vehicle featuring dual steering and a right-side, walk-in cab to improve the productivity of workers who collect trash and recyclables from the curb.