Mars Freight now operates throughout Canada and the United States with a fleet of modern equipment. We carry a large variety of different Trucks and vans for all the transportation need. Currently, we are happy to announce that "MFL" carries about 65 Highway Trucks, 80 Logistic Dry Vans of full length 53 feet.

"MFL" has also setup a complete Satellite Tracking system, which tracks any load in all over North America. "MFL" understands that the transportation business is all about good and reliable SERVICE. We are dedicated to ensuring that your business never suffers from a late shipment or an inefficient route. We call ourselves "solution-driven" because we take pride in finding the fastest, most economical routes available, often with a creative approach that gives us a distinct competitive edge.

We also understand the value of customer's TIME. That's why we offer a 24-hour dispatch service, on-time delivery and guaranteed delivery on certain shipments.

Our customer base includes many fortune companies. The freight product mix is diverse, with building products, food, beverages, retail, pharmaceuticals, metals and consumer packaging products, to name but a few.

A key element in our service and commitment to customers is our investment in technology. Our company has developed specialized systems that include electronic data interchange, satellite tracking, and communications, computerized tracking, tracing, dispatch, imaging, and auto-rating systems.